Open for a new challenge!

2013 - 2020

Edufax BV

Working as a ING, Educational Solution Designer i’m responsible for all illustrations and design related products. From E-games to business cards. Animation and graphics are also included. Other main task is to contribute to the innovation center and give design/illustration related advice

2018 - Present

Tantar World

Responsible for the look and feel of a new medieval fantasy IP. Card illustrations, maps, character design, web design and print work.

2018 - present


Always looking for new fantansy art related buisiness relation ships. Feel free to reach out if you think we
could be a good match. 

About Me

Netherlands based creative – From an early age i discovered the magic of a pencil. My dad taught me the beauty of illustration and creative freedom. He was an Art-director and injected the creative virus in my brother and me. As young kids we watched star wars and heard lord of the ring stories. I try to tell small stories and inject the power of fantasy in my drawings  and hope that the audience can experience a drift into a other dimension. Always positive and full with energy. In my off-time i enjoy life with my wife and 2 kids. When the weather and time allows it, you can find me driving my motorcycle through the hills of Limburg and the Eifel in Germany.

In my spare time i love to freelance and work on my personal projects to build a stronger showcase.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out..


1999 - 2001

Graphic techniques

2001 - 2006

Multi Media Design & Animation

2006 - 2011

ICT & Media Desingn
(bachelor's degree)


  • 1st plaats Freestyle GFX - Demoparty Boston - Jun
  • 1st place Newschool GFX - Nordlicht Demoparty Germany - Jul
  • 1st place Hand drawn GFX - Chaos Construction Russia - Aug
  • 2nd place Graphics compo - Function Budapest - Sept
  • 3th place Hand drawn graphics - Deadline demo Germany - Okt
  • 2nd place Graphics compo Inercia Demoparty Portugal - Nov


Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 61%
InDesign 71%
Dad & Husband 90%
Cooking 56%
Coffee lover 100%


  • erik@erikmooi.com
  • +31 (6) 43 666 779

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